Published: Nov. 20, 2018

New Wilson Road connects campus and community

Contact(s): Emily Guerrant University Spokesperson office: 517-355-6560

Improved traffic flow and pedestrian safety as well as crucial infrastructure updates are just a few benefits of the now completed Wilson Road Extension Project, connecting the east end of the Michigan State University campus with the City of East Lansing on Hagadorn Road north of Service Road.

“This project is an excellent representation of community collaboration. We worked as a team with state and local officials to improve the area for campus residents and the surrounding community,” said Interim President John Engler. “Students now are better connected with our eastside neighbors, and the community has easier access to campus. We are changing the face of this area.”

The new intersection of Wilson Road and Hagadorn Road increases access to campus and reduces congestion by providing an alternative to the entrance at Shaw Lane. All the area pedestrian crossings are now compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and greatly enhance safety.

The new, state-of-the-art traffic signals are connected to cameras and other technology to further advance MSU’s mobility infrastructure. In addition, the traffic lights can be controlled remotely during high traffic periods, such as football games, or in the event of an emergency.

“This is great news for the entire East Lansing community,” said City of East Lansing Mayor Mark Meadows. “Infrastructure updates are vital for a vibrant, connected community.”

Coordinating the timing of the traffic signals along Hagadorn Road is expected to reduce traffic congestion at the intersection of Grand River Avenue and Hagadorn Road. In addition, all the crossing and traffic signals are connected to the railroad signals allowing for smoother traffic flow following a train.

“MDOT values partnerships and connectivity in all projects, great and small,” said Michigan Department of Transportation Director Mark Van Port Fleet. “The Wilson Road extension is a great example of both as MDOT worked with MSU and the City of East Lansing to enhance safe east-west travel on campus.”

In 2016, MSU received a $3 million MDOT grant through the City of East Lansing for the project. In addition to the road construction and traffic signals, the project also improved area storm water management. Total project cost is $11.1 million.

Wilson Road Construction Graphic