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March 16, 2018

MSU’s Department of Theatre introduces immersive theater to campus

Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre welcomed a five-day performance of “Thus with a Kiss, I Die,” an immersive theater piece that follows the days and hours leading up to a performance of “Romeo and Juliet” at a small southern university in 1958, where a progressive director has cast a black Romeo and a white Juliet.

As a rare performance art on MSU’s campus, immersive theater breaks through the hypothetical “fourth wall” that typically stands between the performers and their audience, by physically or verbally involving the audience.

“Certain parts made me feel uncomfortable, but a lot of it just provoked thought,” said MSU junior Alexis Bance. “Back to the current newspaper ads, there’s still room for change. The people in the play that were advocating for equal rights and everything – that still needs to be happening right now.”

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