Published: Oct. 2, 2018

MSU Theatre presents The Miller Plays

Contact(s): Brian de Vries office: (517)‐355‐6690

Although they could not be more at odds in plot and style, Arthur Miller’s "A Memory of Two Mondays" and "A View From the Bridge" are linked by the common thread of immigration.

"A Memory of Two Mondays," which is based loosely on Miller’s own life, is the story of Bert, a young man who works in an auto parts warehouse. Through his eyes, we witness the lives of his coworkers and their moments of friendship, love and solidarity, as well as the times they are plagued by xenophobia, alcoholism and loss.

"A View From the Bridge" traces the downfall of Eddie, a longshoreman who agrees to harbor his Italian relatives after they illegally enter the country in search of work. When one of the men falls for Eddie’s adopted niece, he is forced to reckon with the growing distrust and fear he begins to exhibit.

Miller fearlessly examines the lives of America and her people — native and foreign alike. Rarely produced in their original pairing, The Miller Plays offer authentic investigations of America that feel painfully familiar today.

The Miller Plays runs from Oct. 12 - 21, at the Wharton Center’s Pasant Theatre. Tickets are available online for the following dates and times.

8 p.m., Oct. 12, 13, 19

2 p.m., Oct. 13, 14*, 21

7:30 p.m., Oct. 16, 17, 18**, 19

The performance time on Saturday, Oct. 20, is to be determined.

*A post-show discussion with the director will begin at 1:15 p.m., Oct. 14.
**A post-show with the director and guest speakers will follow the performance on Oct. 18.

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