Published: April 17, 2018

MSU professor Jack Liu name Ecological Society of America Fellow

Contact(s): Sue Nichols Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability office: (517) 432-0206

The Ecological Society of America has recognized the contributions of Michigan State University’s Jianguo “Jack” Liu to the science and scholarship of sustainability by naming him a Fellow.

Liu, Rachel Carson Chair in Sustainability and University Distinguished Professor, has been elected for outstanding contributions to the integration of ecology with social sciences and policy for understanding and promoting ecological sustainability, and for exceptional contributions to mentorship and capacity-building of sustainability.

He is director of MSU’s Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability in the department of fisheries and wildlife and is one of 28 lifelong fellows elected this year.

Liu takes a holistic approach to addressing complex human-environmental challenges through systems integration using multiple disciplines such as ecology and social sciences. He is particularly keen to connect seemingly unconnected issues, for example, divorce and environmental sustainability.

Liu’s unit leader in the department of fisheries and wildlife, Scott Loveridge, noted, “We are grateful for this high-profile recognition of Jack’s groundbreaking sustainability research – from panda conservation to innovative new ways to shape sustainability sciences.”

The ESA named Liu an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow in 2001.