Published: Oct. 4, 2018

MSU Press announces book about Duffy Daugherty

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"Celebrating Unwavering Courage," the theme for MSU's 2018 homecoming celebration, honors the contributions of many Spartans who challenged the norm and created change for a more just and inclusive world.

The timing couldn't be better for a book about a true Spartan trailblazer in his own right. Duffy Daughtery, a Hall of Fame football coach, is arguably the most famous figure in the storied history of Michigan State University football.

Daugherty may have led the MSU Spartans to a winning record of 109 wins; 69 losses and five ties during his tenure from 1954–1972, but he is still remembered for a 1966 tie with Notre Dame while playing for the national championship, as well as his 1965 national championship win.

Author David Claerbaut writes about the infamous tie and other highlights of Duffy’s life in his new book "Duffy Daugherty: A Man Ahead of His Time," published by Michigan State University Press.

Claerbaut will join the Historical Society of Greater Lansing at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 25, at the Library of Michigan for a free event to discuss and sign his new book. Books are available for purchase at a special event price of $25.

In his career, Daugherty coached 33 first team All-Americans, but probably more rewarding to him was the fact he recruited 59 black players to play football at MSU during a time when they could not play for the powerhouse Southern teams like Alabama.

He also was credited with starting an African American quarterback, one of the first for a major college. The quarterback, Jimmy Raye, said in his autobiography that Daugherty “was color-blind.” Ultimately, four black players from MSU were selected among the first eight players taken in the NFL draft.

Other coaches may ultimately win more games at MSU but it’s unlikely any will grace the cover of Time Magazine as Duffy did on October 8, 1956.

"Duffy Daughtery: A Man Ahead of His Time," by David Claerbaut