Published: March 26, 2018

Marathon of Majors gives guidance

Contact(s): Christy Stehouwer Neighborhood Success Collaborative office: 517-884-8467

Deciding on a major can be an overwhelming process. A student's major may determine his or her entire academic path, internships and, ultimately, his or her career. This is why the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative hosts the semi-annual Marathon of Majors event for students who want to explore a variety of majors and programs.

On March 14, representatives from MSU colleges were on hand at the MSU Union to provide guidance to students investigating possible majors. Topics covered included information about majors, study abroad/away, scholarships, internships and career opportunities.

Since 2001 this free event has evolved into a great resource for undergraduate students. Academic support units — including the Career Services Network, Admissions, Air Force, Army, the Undergraduate Research Office and many more — were on hand to answer questions and provide information about ways to gain outside the classroom experiences.

Academic advisers Aaron Tucker and Christy Stehouwer coordinated and curated the event, providing a explorative experience for students.

According to Tucker, “Marathon of Majors is a great opportunity for students to explore majors, speak with advisers and gain knowledge of multiple academic resources.”

Tucker also noted how it is often challenging for students to meet with multiple advisers when they are exploring majors.

Marathon of Majors offers an environment suitable for quick conversations with advisers and college representatives.

Freshman Lauren Golden attended the event because she was looking to change her major, but didn’t know the best option. "Getting more information in one spot was very helpful,” said Golden.

Sophomore Dakota Hurd came to the event “to find information on studying abroad and also undergraduate research options.”

Non-MSU students also found the event helpful. Sophomore Megan Schneider stated that this event helped her decide to transfer to MSU “because she found out information on what minor to choose.”

The next Marathon of Majors event will be held in the Fall.

Danielle Matz (biochemistry and molecular bio major, junior), Lauren Golden (psychology major, freshman), Dakota Hurd (animal science major, sophomore)