Published: April 4, 2018

Divergent Voices presents Green Day inspired musical: 'American Idiot' opens April 13

Contact(s): Brian de Vries office: (517)‐355‐6690

The final show of the Divergent Voices season ends with a BANG! "American Idiot" will open Friday, April 13 in the Pasant Theatre at the Wharton Center and promises to rock the audience with an incredible score, emotional story and huge spectacle.

The Department of Theatre has paired with Bluewater Technologies, a Michigan based Audio/Video Marketing company to bring this contemporary musical to life in a very exciting way.

The story of "American Idiot" originates with Green Day’s concept album of the same name, but when it moved to the Broadway stage, the story was expanded and music was added from multiple sources in the Green Day canon.

This Tony Award winning musical was praised on Broadway as “invigorating and ultimately as moving as anything I’ve seen on Broadway this season. Or maybe for a few seasons past.” – Charles Isherwood, NY Times.

The musical focuses on three close friends who choose to leave their mundane suburban abode to find inspiration and originality in the city, immediately finding that their path is laden with adversity.  It is a raucous rallying cry for American youth who feel disenfranchised, powerless and angry as they search for meaning in a coming of age story set to the violently passionate music of Green Day.

Contact the Wharton Center for tickets.