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Sept. 11, 2018

Ariel Robbins receives excellence in advising award

Ariel Robbins, assistant program director and academic adviser for the Charles Drew Science Scholars program in MSU’s College of Natural Science, has been selected to receive the 2018 Outstanding Established Advisor Award.

This award recognizes an academic adviser who has been in the field for more than three years and demonstrates excellence in providing useful educational and career advice to students.

“It is a delight for me to see Ariel Robbins recognized with this award,” said Deb Dotterer, assistant dean for university advising and former assistant dean in the College of Natural Science. “During my time in the College of Natural Science , I witnessed Ariel’s compassionate and inspirational interactions with each and every Drew Science Scholar. She is truly deserving of this award in recognition of the tremendous impact she has had on so many MSU students.”

The Drew Science Scholars program provides academic assistance and support for high achieving, historically underrepresented undergraduate students pursuing degrees in science and mathematics.

“The Drew Scholars program takes a holistic approach to guiding students, providing academic advising and coaching along with social and emotional support to students in the sciences at MSU,” Robbins said.

“I want to be to my students what I wish I could have had during my college years,” she added. “I regularly ask myself, ‘What would have made a difference for me?’”

She will receive her award at the MSU Advisor Recognition and Awards Program on Sept. 27.

By: Val Osowski