Published: Oct. 24, 2017

Wharton Center prepares to replace seating

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After 35 years, it is time for the seats in both the Cobb Great Hall and the Pasant Theatre to take their final bow. Most people can appreciate the value of a good chair, and these have lived up to the task.

Wharton will be replacing all seats in both halls in late summer 2018. The project includes an option for patrons to name a seat(s). The Seat Campaign includes a name plate(s) on the arm of a new chair for donors who gift $1,000, $1,750 or $2,500.

Wharton Center is Michigan’s largest performing arts venue with four unique stages (the Cobb Great Hall, Pasant Theatre, MSU Concert Auditorium and Fairchild Theatre) and plenty of things to do and see all season. Wharton Center is proud to bring the best Broadway shows, the finest classical musicians, unrivaled dance companies and an A-list of high profile performers to mid-Michigan.

For more information about Wharton Center’s Seat Campaign and how to name a seat of your own, go to

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