Published: May 30, 2017

Student's green aspirations being fulfilled at MSU

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As a sophomore studying biosystems engineering, Thiramet “Dream” Sotthiyapai’s life plans immediately changed the day he found out he was being awarded a scholarship from Thailand’s government.

After a conversation that connected him to a Michigan State alumnus drew him to the College of Engineering’s website, Dream became 100 percent certain MSU was where he wanted to be.

Dream, having never experienced life so far from home, responded with: “It’s going to be a big journey, a big change to my life...I think it’s gonna’ be a good journey.”

So far, it has been. One of nearly 7,000 international students at Michigan State, Dream is having outstanding experiences within and outside the classroom.

Dream isn’t simply going to classes and working in a lab in East Lansing. He is interacting with honey bees atop Bailey Hall, getting dirt under his nails to supply compost to the greenhouse, and serving as a RISE mentor.

RISE, or the Residential Initative for the Study of Environment, is a living-learning student program focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

He admits that slowing down to see beauty within nature brings him great joy and is easy to do at MSU—which is good advice for us all.

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Reprinted with permission from University Advancement

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