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March 7, 2017

New report to aid school administrators

It’s no secret the state of education in America is the subject of intense scrutiny. Partisan and non-partisan groups alike are at the ready to weigh in on strategies and programs to improve the quality of American schools. School administrators are tasked with the pressure to find the best evidence-based programs to then adopt and implement. The responsibility can be daunting.

With funding from the William T. Grant Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, MSU associate professors of psychology Zachary Neal and Jennifer Watling Neal, created the Michigan School Program Information Project, or MiSPI, to help alleviate the stress of identifying strong school programs and to provide access to the information needed. In their Winter 2017 report, they explain how social networks are important in this process.

View the report infographic and visit the MiSPI website for more information.