Published: May 17, 2017

New electric substation powers MSU research

Contact(s): Emilie Lussier Ifrastructure Planning and Facilities office: (517) 432-0235

Construction of the Spartan Substation at the T.B. Simon Power Plant has been completed, and the expansion is officially being used to provide power to MSU’s campus. The new construction was completed in March, and built in partnership with Consumers Energy. It replaced the existing, smaller substation, which was demolished in November 2016.

The university is actively expanding its research capacity, which will require additional electric power over the next decade.

“Construction of the substation allowed us to significantly expand the capacity of the campus power system at a lower capital cost to the University,” said Bob Ellerhorst, utility services director, MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities. 

In addition to this increase in research, 2019 will see the need for additional electric power to operate the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams. The FRIB project is expected to boost MSU’s academic profile nationally and internationally, and serve as a catalyst for regional economic development. The substation will provide primary power to FRIB.