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Feb. 6, 2017

MSU’s Elise Zipkin named Ecological Society of America Early Career Fellow

Elise Zipkin, an MSU assistant professor of integrative biology, has been named a 2017 Early Career Fellow of the Ecological Society of America.

Zipkin is one of seven early career fellows elected nationally by the society this year. Early career fellows are ESA members who have advanced ecological knowledge and applications within eight years of completing their doctoral training and show promise of continuing to make contributions to a wide range of fields. The fellows are elected for five years.

Zipkin currently serves as vice chair of ESA’s Statistical Ecology section and will become chair in August.

“I am extremely appreciative that ESA values my contributions to the field of quantitative ecology and look forward to working with the society to advance our research, education and outreach goals as chair of the Statistical Ecology section," she said. 

Zipkin’s research in MSU’s Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Behavior program focuses on a range of basic and applied ecological problems with an emphasis on conservation. Her lab develops mathematical and statistical models to study the distribution and demographics of populations and communities across a wide range of species including insects, birds, fish, amphibians and mammals.

More information about the ESA and a complete list of the 2017-2021 Early Career Fellows can be found online