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Feb. 14, 2017

MSU hosts annual cybersecurity conference

Michigan State University will host its fourth annual interdisciplinary conference on fighting cybercrime and improving cybersecurity March 2-3 at the Kellogg Center.

The event brings researchers from the social and technical disciplines together along with practitioners from across the globe to discuss how to improve knowledge and policy responses to cybercrime.

Criminal justice professor Thomas Holt, the conference organizer and presenter, said it is important to bring every field together to discuss ways to understand the practices of cybercriminals and the best responses to minimize their attacks against computers and networks.   

"As government systems, politicians and businesses are compromised every year by criminals and nation-states, it is vital that we improve our response to cyberthreats," Holt said. 

Attendees will learn new strategies to identify and combat cyberthreats, and connect with fellow practitioners and researchers from across the region. 

“We have many excellent speakers from across the world, discussing everything from cyberattack insurance, to digital forensics, to the economic impacts of cybersecurity,” Holt said. “We’ll also have industry experts, and CISOs from across the state in multiple sectors, including health, energy, education, and finance discussing different types of cyber threats.”

The conference will have both 50-minute research panels where two speakers will present for 20-25 minutes each using a “TED Talk” style structure, as well as discussion panels with multiple participants to address key issues in their field. 

A list of speakers and their bios can be found here.

“We would love to have individuals in the audience from small businesses, large organizations, people interested in cyber security, working in the field or in law enforcement,” Holt said.

Registration for the conference is open to the public, and space is limited.

For more information and to register, visit the conference website.