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Nov. 22, 2017

Gifting Spartan merchandise does good

Spartans love giving gifts of green and white, but did you know buying officially licensed MSU merchandise helps support Spartan students?

When purchasing officially licensed Spartan merchandise, that purchase is going to a good place: supporting student scholarships and student programming. In fact, every cent, minus the cost of operations, goes directly back to our MSU community.

During the past 15 years, officially licensed MSU products have generated more than $38 million. Since its inception in 1983, officially licensed MSU items have generated more than $50 million in royalty revenue.

Purchasing MSU gear from unlicensed vendors actually hurts the university by giving money to an entity that has no vested interest in the success of students. It’s easy to succumb to social media ads, but make no mistake, officially licensed products are not only the highest quality, but they also help Spartans make a difference.

Samantha Stevens, director of licensing for MSU, explains the importance of MSU Licensing Program’s new State Your Loyalty campaign.

“We created the State Your Loyalty brand campaign to show real MSU fans sharing their passion for wearing Spartan gear and to reinforce the importance of buying officially licensed products,” says Stevens. “Through fan-generated content we’ve incorporated into the campaign, we hope to reinforce that showing your Spartan spirit can also be a way of giving back to this great university.”

As we find ourselves in the throes of the holiday shopping season, consider the value of purchasing with a purpose by stating your loyalty with officially licensed merchandise for the Spartan lover in all of us.

With a huge range of products like wall art, blankets, sneakers, socks, purses, jewelry, clothing, home goods and more, there's something for every fan and price range.

Gift giving has never felt better when you spread Spartan cheer and support students’ educational opportunities. The sale of that bangle for mom or any other officially licensed product has a major impact on the lives of countless Spartans who are undoubtedly changing the world for the better.

Go Green, Go White and State Your Loyalty by purchasing officially licensed Spartan products. For more information about the value of purchasing officially licensed Spartan products and for a list of retailers, visit


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