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June 7, 2016

MSU scholar appointed to national environmental advisory board

Michigan State University’s Janice Beecher was appointed to serve on the Environmental Financial Advisory Board. This group provides ideas and advice to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on ways to lower costs of and increase investments in environmental and public health protection.

This 31-member board also focuses on increasing public and private contribution in environmental facilities and services and building state and local financial ability to meet environmental laws.

"I am very honored by this appointment and excited about the chance to work with the EFAB and EPA,” Beecher said. “Our nation's infrastructure funding challenge is formidable, and the stakes are high, but I am optimistic about the collective knowledge and emerging tools that we can bring to bear here."

An appointment to the EFAB lasts two years, but a member may be reappointed two more times, depending on participation.

She was also appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder in March to serve on a new state commission charged with creating a long-term plan to ensure Michigan’s infrastructure remains safe and efficient.

Beecher, of Haslett, has served as director of MSU’s Institute of Public Utilities since 2002, bringing more than 30 years of applied research experience to the position.

For more information about the EFAB, visit this website.

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