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May 2, 2016

MSU employees to receive Jack Breslin award May 16

Six staff employees will receive the 39th annual Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award, and one staff employee will receive the 2016 Ruth Jameyson "Above and Beyond" Award on May 16.

This year's reception is scheduled for 12:30 to 2 p.m. in the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center’s Big Ten Rooms.

Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award Winners:

Jeffry Brodie

Jeffry Brodie is the senior human resources management and budget analyst for MSU HR Administrative Services. In this role, he oversees finances for the HR department, conducts budgeting for university benefits, formulates short- and long-term benefits strategies, and works with multiple project teams, among other responsibilities.

Over his nearly 35 years at MSU, Brodie’s interpersonal skills have allowed him to develop strong relationships, earning the recognition and respect of his colleagues and community leaders. While he has a serious side, Brodie has been known to use humor or wit to kick-start meetings or bring everyone back to the central issue. He is quick to process information, and shares knowledge in a way that moves a project or the conversation forward in a positive direction.

Brodie has a long history of helping friends in need. Additionally, he serves as co-chair of the MSU Community Charitable Campaign. Over the years, Brodie has dedicated countless hours to the campaign, providing leadership, energy and creative ideas to help support organizations in the tri-county area and ensure that the university has a profound impact on the community.

His interactions with others showcase his friendly demeanor and great loyalty to MSU. Brodie’s openness and ability to develop relationships campus wide have proven crucial in building trust, investigating options and ultimately improving processes that affect the university community.

M. Beth Courey

M. Beth Courey is the director of student organizations and special programs for the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Office of Student Services. She has been a driving force in the establishment of student career development programs in collaboration with the Michigan Osteopathic Association, and clinical faculty and administration in the statewide campus system of hospitals.

In the face of a projected physician shortage in the coming years, the college has actively worked across many platforms to educate residents about career opportunities in the field of osteopathic medicine. Courey has been instrumental in this effort, selecting and donating outreach materials, scheduling programs and overcoming challenges to create excellent customer relationships.

On many occasions, Courey has demonstrated her pride in the college and immense compassion for helping people. She once spent her holiday break renovating and painting study rooms in Fee Hall. Courey also dedicated personal time to lend a hand when one of the faculty members at the college had a terminal medical problem discovered in their family.

Behind the scenes, she is the backbone of MSUCOM, ensuring the success of students and events, including the planning of orientation, the white coat ceremony and convocation. Courey takes the time to not only attend student organization activities, but she also provides personal donations to support their public outreach and fundraisers.

Marta Mittermaier

Marta Mittermaier is the associate director of culinary support services for MSU, overseeing Spartan Linen Services, MSU Bakers and MSU Food Stores. In her 42 years of service to MSU, she has continuously demonstrated her passion for the university and commitment to the success of her team.

Mittermaier has been a great leader and mentor, encouraging her team members to initiate personal and professional growth. Beyond their business relationship, she cares about her staff as individuals, celebrating their accomplishments and incorporating work-life balance and personal health into their goals. There is very low turnover amongst Mittermaier’s team because she gains their respect and inspires them to strive for more.

Additionally, she has dedicated a vast amount of working hours to ensuring the success of the business. Mittermaier played a key role in transitioning MSU Bakers into the Food Stores facility, increasing efficiencies and savings. She has also gained the respect of vendors, negotiated tough contracts, and supported the community through initiatives such as the Gwen’s Bagels program to honor National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Mittermaier has dedicated her life to daily learning, challenging herself and others, while working hard and leading people through change in a positive and caring manner. 

Pam Newsted

Pam Newsted serves as an academic secretary for the MSU Residential College in the Arts and Humanities. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the success of the college as well as its attending students, staff and faculty members.

Newsted has a passion for her role and truly believes in the mission and philosophy of RCAH. She provides valuable guidance and direction to faculty, assisting incoming professors with adapting to the processes of the college. Her kindness extends beyond the office environment, as she regularly attends performances and gallery openings to support their achievements.

Newsted has also consistently sought out innovative ways to improve the college’s effectiveness. Her relationships with various partners on campus, for example, have allowed RCAH to enhance the commencement experience for students and families.

In many ways, Newsted is the face of RCAH, serving as the first point of interaction for prospective students and their parents, alumni and community members. Her dedication to creating a positive culture within the college is evident in her thoughtful and accommodating approach to each person she encounters.

Trinh Tran

Trinh Tran is the clinic coordinator for the MSU Department of Medicine. Over the past 10 years, she has served the clinic and patients in various roles, starting out as a student volunteer for the department.

Tran has gone beyond the call of duty to provide quality patient care. She is often the first person in at the start of the day and the last to leave, never hesitating to ensure all patient needs are met. In addition, she has stepped in to help interpret for patients and assist them in understanding medical terminology.

As a volunteer on various committees and workgroups, Tran frequently takes the lead and handles any situation that comes her way. She was instrumental in transitioning the clinic to the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) code set. The presentation Tran created to prepare providers received recognition from the chief executive officer of the MSU HealthTeam. She was also asked to present to residents, the Division of Cardiology and the Division of Endocrinology during the conversion process.

Tran has proven to be a reliable hand through any situation, including patient emergencies, power outages and storms, as well as instances when the clinic has been short staffed.

Jill Vondrasek

Jill Vondrasek is the marketing and communications director for the MSU College of Nursing. Since 2006, she has continuously advocated for the voice of nursing, developing a conceptual model that incorporates lifelines and storytelling to capture the work of faculty, students and nurses in the community.

Her dedication to connecting people and encouraging engagement with their alma mater led to the college receiving national recognition as one of the Top 50 Most Social Media Friendly Nursing Schools of 2014. Under Vondrasek’s leadership, the College of Nursing also reintroduced their annual magazine, which won the ADDY Merit Award from the Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance in 2014.

Outside her position with the college, Vondrasek is committed to making a difference. Vondrasek has served on the Board of Directors for Susan G. Komen Michigan, an organization that is dedicated to combating breast cancer and is leading the communication efforts on a $75,000 Komen grant, “Pink Impact: Breast Care at MSU.” Vondrasek is supportive of other areas of the university as well, serving as treasurer of the College of Arts and Letters Alumni Association. She is also co-founder of the Women’s Networking Association.

Her tireless efforts to share accomplishments of the College of Nursing, improve internal processes and communications, and empower female professionals are evident in everything she does.

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