Published: Sept. 15, 2016

MSU Debate Team announces 2016-2017 schedule

Contact(s): Stephanie Cepak Honors College office: (517) 355-2326

The MSU Debate Team consists of undergraduate students led by Honors College and economics major Connor Munsinger, and social relations and public policy major Luc Walkington.

Munsinger and Walkington have already been recognized nationally this year, receiving an invitation to the University of Kentucky Round Robin at the end of the month. The University of Kentucky Round Robin invites the top nine, two-person teams in the country.

The list of other schools represented at the Round Robin include: Emory University, Georgetown University, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, University of California-Berkeley, Northwestern University, Rutgers University and Wake Forest University.

The full Debate Team schedule is as follows:
• Georgia State University, Sept. 16-20
• University of Kentucky (including Round Robin), Sept. 23-Oct. 4
• Wayne State University, Oct. 21-24
• Gonzaga University, Oct. 28-Nov. 1
• Wake Forest University, Nov. 18-22
• University of Miami, Jan. 2-8
• University of Southern California, Jan. 3-4
• California State University at Fullerton, Jan. 6-9
• Indiana University, Jan. 27-30
• Northwestern University, Feb. 2-7
• D5 Districts, Feb. 17-20

The National Debate Tournament is scheduled for Kansas City, Kansas from March 22-March 28.

The MSU Debate Team is a part of the Honors College.