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Oct. 26, 2016

Grant Burton: Jedi in training

Oct. 26, 2016

Grant Burton is an Honors College sophomore majoring in psychology. He is an Honors Enrichment Scholarship recipient. Students apply to earn this award by having exceptional academic achievement, an invitation to the Honors College after the first semester at MSU, and enrolled as a member of an MSU enrichment program. He works in MSU's Clinical Psychophysiology Lab measuring brain waves.

My initial passion for just helping people in general was actually Star Wars. Just seeing all the Jedi help people so nobly and they were always doing it so freely. I always thought it was super cool as a kid. I always wanted to be a Jedi.

I got to high school I took a psychology class and I thought, “This is about as close as I’m ever going to get.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Grant and his work.