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May 25, 2016

CHM students: Caring for the underserved

May 25, 2016

Students in the College of Human Medicine recently traveled to Peru as part of the Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved Certificate Program. The program is designed to allow future doctors an opportunity to experience international health care in underserved areas.

med students in front of ER in Peru

Fourth-year medical students (left to right) Joseph Meleca, Nick Harrison, Johnathan Kao and Mey Yip begin their rotation at a hospital in La Merced, Peru.


med student examining child's ear

Fourth-year student Joseph Meleca cleans impacted earwax from a Peruvian child’s ears during the six-week clinical rotation. To learn about international health care in underserved areas, the medical students assessed the community’s health needs and worked in collaboration with locals to deliver a program that taught skills and shared medical information related to the specific area of concern.


men hoist up a wood beam

During the six-week clinical rotation in Peru, students in the program complete several community outreach projects. Medical student Nick Harrison (left) works with locals to erect the framework for a school in Belen, a rural community outside of La Merced.


med student reads to class of children

MSU medical student Johnathan Kao led a health education program in a Huancayo school, where he read a story in Spanish to teach children proper dental hygiene. It is one of several health education programs medical students held during the six-week clinical rotation in Peru.


med student with group of young girls

Medical student Mey Yip goes on a field trip with three girls from an orphanage in Huancayo as part of a community outreach project.


doctors examine a newborn baby

Medical students Joseph Meleca (left), Johnathan Kao (second from left) and Mey Yip (second from right) discuss a newborn’s treatment with local medical professionals in a hospital in La Merced, Peru.


group of people at Machu Picchu

Left to right: Medical students Johnathan Kao, Mey Yip, Nick Harrison, Joseph Meleca and John Yong take a break during their six-week Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved certificate program to hike the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.


med students in traditional Peruvian dress with family

Left to right: Mey Yip, Johnathan Kao and Nick Harrison dress in native Ashaninka clothing to immerse themselves in the local culture during a six-week clinical rotation in Peru.


students with firefighters

During the rotation, students led several health education programs. Johnathan Kao (left), Nick Harrison (back row in blue), Joseph Meleca (second row, third from right) and Mey Yip (second row, left) pose with volunteer firefighters in La Merced after teaching a workshop on CPR and basic first responder skills.