Published: Nov. 6, 2015

Partnering to improve access to legal services

Contact(s): Kelly Kussmaul College of Law office: 517-432-6848, Daniel Linna Jr. College of Law office: (517) 432-6934

MaRS Discovery District and LegalRnD – The Center for Legal Services Innovation at Michigan State University College of Law have partnered to innovate the legal sector and improve access to legal services.

MaRS LegalX and LegalRnD’s collaboration will foster information sharing, research and development, innovation and improved legal-service delivery.

“A working relationship with LegalRnD and MSU College of Law makes sense on many levels,” said Aron Solomon, lead, MaRS LegalX. “As one of the most innovative law school programs in the world today, we can help them with their footprint in Canada and all the global markets in which LegalX does and will play.”

MaRS LegalX innovators and MSU Law LegalRnD students and faculty will explore improved legal-service delivery and the future of law through a series of sessions covering lean systems thinking, data and analytics, technology and design.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with the innovators and entrepreneurs at MaRS and LegalX,” said Daniel Linna Jr., director of LegalRnD. “Lawyers in the United States and Canada are grappling with the problem that too many lack access to affordable, high-quality legal services. The indigent and middle class need improved access, as do many businesses. LegalRnD’s collaboration with MaRS LegalX will foster improvements in legal-service delivery that will contribute to improving access to legal services for everyone.

“MaRS LegalX has already attracted an impressive list of legal startups and Toronto is taking off as an international innovation hub,” Linna said. “Ontario has regularly been among the top two feeder jurisdictions for MSU Law, not including Michigan. So MSU Law already has a strong connection to Toronto and Ontario. This partnership strengthens that link.”

Daniel Linna Jr., assistant dean for career development and director of LegalRnD

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