Published: April 20, 2015

New MSU Tower Guard members chosen

Contact(s): Stepheni Schlinker Office of Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education office: (517) 884-8011

Seventy-seven students were chosen from the top 5 percent of the Michigan State University freshman class to carry on the tradition of assisting MSU employees and students with disabilities through their involvement with Tower Guard, a sophomore honorary and service society.

In order to be chosen for Tower Guard, members must exemplify leadership, scholarship, outstanding character and commitment to service.

Founded in 1932, Tower Guard is the oldest continuously active MSU-based student organization on campus, whose members’ main function is to devote at least four hours per week to assisting MSU students who are visually impaired or have another reading-related impairment. Their time is spent reading exams and/or translating textbooks and other print materials into an accessible format through the MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities. Tower Guard conducts most reading for the blind, thus maintaining MSU’s outstanding service to students with disabilities.

For more than 80 years, Tower Guard has exemplified a legacy of Spartan tradition, leadership and commitment to serving persons with disabilities. The efforts of Tower Guard have provided quality accessible education for students of the RCPD, producing textbook copies in Braille, e-text and more.

MSU Provost June Pierce Youatt greets the new members of MSU's Tower Guard. Photo by Stepheni Schlinker