Published: March 16, 2015

MSU to provide funding for campus sustainability research

Contact(s): Kayla Iansiti MSU Sustainability office: (517) 884-3544

MSU Sustainability, a department of Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, is now accepting applications for its Sustainability Fellows Program. The new program seeks to engage MSU faculty and graduate students in research opportunities that directly impact and advance sustainability on campus.

The Sustainability Fellows Program funds research projects that investigate topics in environmental sustainability specific to MSU. Successful proposals will use MSU’s campus as a laboratory to address issues related to greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, waste reduction, water conservation, sustainable transportation, education, engagement, social responsibility and more.

“The expectation is that research findings will result in recommendations that can impact the university’s campus sustainability goals,” said Ann Erhardt, Sustainability director. “Our vision is that the Sustainability Fellows Program will foster operational and academic collaboration between colleges, units and departments.”

Proposals for the 2015 Sustainability Fellows Program are due by April 10. For information regarding proposal eligibility requirements, the application process, stipends and other program information, please visit

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