Published: July 29, 2015

MSU Sustainability announces 2015 fellows

Contact(s): Tom Oswald Communications and Brand Strategy, Kayla Iansiti MSU Sustainability office: (517) 884-3544

Four Michigan State University researchers have been named MSU Sustainability Fellows for 2015.

The program funds research projects that focus on aspects of environmental responsibility and sustainability specific to MSU.

"The work is driven by real challenges faced by the university," said Ann Erhardt, director of MSU Sustainability. “The fellowship program connects researchers with campus decision-makers in order to effectively plan for the future sustainability of MSU's campus."

The 2015 fellows are:

  • Sina Jahangiri Mamouri, a doctoral student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, whose research project will explore the feasibility and usefulness of solar water heaters on MSU's campus. The proposed system is expected to significantly decrease the amount of fuel required for water heating of the pilot building.
  • Adam Zwickle, assistant professor of criminal justice in the College of Social Science; Bruno Takahashi, assistant professor of environmental journalism and communication in the School of Journalism; and John Besley, associate professor in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations. Their research project is a sustainability-themed online survey of MSU undergraduate students. The survey will include questions gauging sustainability and scientific knowledge, norms and practices surrounding sustainability related behaviors and attitudes toward environmental responsibility.

MSU Sustainability’s fellowship program uses the MSU campus as a laboratory to address issues related to greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, waste reduction, water conservation, sustainable transportation, education, engagement, social responsibility and more.