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Dec. 21, 2015

MSU researchers honored for innovation

Two Michigan State University researchers have earned a national honor for being leaders of innovation and invention.

Anil Jain, a University Distinguished Professor of computer science and engineering, and Ramani Narayan, a University Distinguished Professor of chemical engineering and materials science, have been named fellows of the National Academy of Inventors.

Jain and Narayan earned the honor for their contributions to patents and licensing, innovative discovery and technology, significant impact on society, and support and enhancement of innovation.

Jain’s research focuses on pattern recognition, computer vision and biometric recognition. Throughout his career, he has worked with several agencies helping to improve and advance security, including the FBI and the Department of Defense.

As a result of his research and development, he has been assigned six U.S. patents on fingerprint matching, which have been transferred to IBM, and two Korean patents on surveillance.

Narayan is known for his research in biodegradable, modified starch thermoplastics technology. The work is covered by three patents and formed the basis of a joint venture company in Michigan – EverCorn, Inc.

Narayan has taken soybeans and turned them into a variety of bio-based products, including paper coatings, adhesives, rigid and flexible urethane foams for insulation, and rubber products for use in tires and other automobile parts.

Jain and Narayan were two of 168 innovators who earned NAI Fellow status. The complete list can be found at


By: Tom Oswald