Published: April 15, 2015

MSU IPF to launch new campus voicemail system

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities will launch a new voicemail system for campus customers on July 1.

The new system, called Avaya Aura Messaging, will replace the previous voicemail system that no longer has vendor support. The Avaya Aura Messaging system will offer many updated features, including providing a new user-friendly interface, integrating more easily with e-mail services and much more.

Campus telephone customers with Avaya-branded phones will be automatically moved to the new Avaya Aura Messaging voicemail system. To determine what type of phone is being used, customers can look for the name “Avaya” on the phones. Customers will be able to set up voicemail boxes in the new system, including updating the greeting, changing the PIN and other set-up options, which begin June 17.

Here are some tips for using the new system:

  • When the new system is launched, messages saved in the old system will not be moved. To archive those messages, visit the MSU Unified Messenger website to download the messages to a computer.
  • When users log in to the new system for the first time, they will be required to change their PIN to meet new password standards.
  • Users that have messages forwarded to their e-mail automatically through the Unified Messaging service will need to reset this service.
  • User guides will be available on the IPF website.

Those campus telephone customers who are not using the Avaya Campus PBX service will not have their voicemail service automatically moved to the new system. Campus Voicemail users typically check voicemail by dialing (517) 432-2100 from non-Avaya-branded telephones. They will need to seek alternative voicemail solutions by July 1, 2016, when the legacy campus voicemail service will be discontinued due to lack of vendor support. IPF’s Telecommunication Systems department can provide information about available options, including switching to telephone systems that feature the Avaya Aura Messaging system.

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