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Dec. 10, 2015

Guide that dispels myths about Muslim Americans available

The e-book version of a guide written by a Michigan State University journalism class that is designed to dispel biases and stereotypes about Muslim Americans is again available.

The book, “100 Questions and Answers About Muslim Americans,” was published about a year ago. Amid a national debate about closing U.S. borders to Muslims, the guide is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google Play.

"During this national debate, Americans need information facts and research. That is what journalism should provide,” said journalism professor Joe Grimm. “People can immediately download 100 questions and answers as well as a guide to Islamic religious holidays. We hope for more informed debate and conversations among people."

The guide addresses terms and issues in the news such as Islamist, Islamophobia and the use of imagery in the religion.

The guide is one of several researched and written by Grimm’s Seminar in Journalism class. Others in the “Bias Busters: Guides to Cultural Competence” series include questions and answers pertaining to Native Americans, East Asian cultures, Hispanics and Latinos, U.S. veterans, Americans in general and other cultures.

Making the Muslim American guide available is collaboration between the MSU School of Journalism, the Detroit Free Press and the guide’s publisher, Front Edge Publishing.

To download the entire guide, go to

For more information visit the Bias Busters website at


By: Tom Oswald

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