Published: April 29, 2014

Three MSU buildings earn LEED certification

Contact(s): Tom Oswald University Relations office: (517) 432-0920 cell: (517) 281-7129, Lynda Boomer Infrastructure Planning and Facilities office: (517) 432-2213

At Michigan State University, green is more than just a color we like to wear. It’s a way of life.

And to emphasize the point, it was recently announced that three MSU buildings have attained Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification.

The recently refurbished Shaw Hall Dining Center earned a gold certification, while the MSU Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum and the new addition to the Life Sciences Building – the Bott Building – earned silver certification.

"We're a green university for a lot of reasons, one of which is our LEED buildings,” said Lynda Boomer, design administrator with MSU’s Infrastructure Planning and Facilities.

The Shaw Hall Dining Complex was recently upgraded, reopening in May 2013. Among its energy-saving features: variable-speed fans that conserve energy; low-flow plumbing fixtures; light-emitting diode and low-wattage lights; and the use of reclaimed lumber from old demolished barns that trim much of the space.

In addition to being one of the nation’s most visually striking museums, MSU’s Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum also is one of the most energy efficient. In addition to using low-flow water fixtures, the museum also utilizes green cleaning practices which reduces chemical use and encourages tenants to recycle.

The Bott Building, which houses the College of Nursing, uses geothermal energy to heat and cool the facility. This results in significantly lower annual energy costs. Also, nearly 75 percent of the building’s space uses natural daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting and reducing energy consumption.

With the recent certifications, MSU now has eight LEED facilities, including three gold. For a complete list of MSU’s LEED-certified buildings, click here

Verified by the Green Building Certification Institute, LEED is the nation’s preeminent program for the design, construction and operation of high performance on green buildings.

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