Published: Jan. 21, 2014

Staff profiles: Betty Wernette-Babian

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Think of all the cafeterias on campus, and then add in all the Sparty’s, plus the International Center. That’s alot of places for MSU students, faculty and guests to eat. But who’s responsible for making sure all these places are clean and well-kept and all the food is being prepared to code? Betty Wernette-Babian, university sanitarian.

Wernette-Babian began her career by chance. Originally wanting to go into health care, Wernette-Babian enrolled at Ferris State, only to find that the program was filled. She decided to take some electives, and ended up falling in love with environmental health.

Wernette-Babian started her career 36 years ago as a public health sanitarian. There, she did vacant land evaluations, swimming pool and day care inspections and a variety of other tasks. When Wernette-Babian came to MSU, she worked for the Department of Police and Public Safety. Her position was transferred 12 years ago to the university physician’s office, and the rest is history.

What’s Wernette-Babian’s favorite part of MSU? The people.

“I probably have the same answer as all the other people who respond to this question,” said Wernette-Babian. “The people that work on campus here are just remarkable. Not just staff, but the students and guests. It’s just a wonderful variety of people of all walks of life and interesting experiences to be had. That’s my very favorite.”

Betty Wernette-Babian, university sanitarian, discusses her career and what she loves about MSU.

Betty Wernette-Babian, university sanitarian, discusses her career and what she loves about MSU.

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