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Jan. 28, 2014

Riley Marshall: Before it's too late

Jan. 29, 2014

It's easy to fall behind in math. Each class period builds off of the material from the last one. If a student doesn't understand the material from day six, day seven becomes that much harder. The workload quickly becomes intimidating, even insurmountable.

"If you're falling behind, you waited too long," said MSU senior Riley Marshall. "Come to the Math Learning Center for some one-on-one attention before it's too late. It's easy to do math when you're surrounded by math students willing to help."

Marshall and his fellow tutors at the Math Learning Center help students in 100, 200 and 300 level math classes learn to tackle their math homework at their own pace and in a comfortable space. In the video above, Marshall talks about why he loves working in the MLC and how he inspires fellow students to believe there's no math problem they can't solve. 

Check out the Math Learning Center for more information.

Story and video by Alex Barhorst, MSU journalism senior.