Published: July 18, 2014

President Simon meets with student entrepreneurs

MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon shared a lunch with student entrepreneurs July 18, hearing updates on fledgling businesses and projects and discussing ideas to deepen the university’s facilitation of student enterprise.

The president met with 10 student entrepreneurs at The Hatch, MSU’s student business incubator in East Lansing. Attending were:

Oliver Bloom: Swadle-mi-Bili
Swaddle-mi-Bili is a wearable treatment for infant jaundice that couples traditional blue light therapy with an infant swaddle.

Usman Majeed, Russell Schafer: Tech Twurl
Tech Twurl is the first electronics resale service that allows users to be paid in bitcoin. This business has moved into the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) Incubator.

Jose Ramirez: Driver on Tap
Driver on Tap is a designated driver service that provides drivers for individuals in their own cars. “We drive you, in your car.” This service is powered through mobile applications.

Adam Schoonmaker: One Sound
One Sound is a collaborative DJ app that allows users to experience “one sound” by creating a live interactive music playlist. Users can create and join others nearby; allows multiple users to select music, and play it through a single device with AirPlay, ChromeCast, or an auxiliary cord.

Logan Stark, Steven Stark: Infyer
Documentary filmmakers, creators of “For the 25,” and “MSU Jazz: University of Trinidad & Tobago Collaboration.” Seeking to share stories about social issues, and provide an effective storytelling medium.

Phil Deaton: Making Learning Accessible
Nearly one in five citizens of the United States reports having a disability, which affects the way they interact and engage with content. This project raises awareness and promotes best practices for designing accessible academic and administrative materials, across a variety of media, at MSU.

Katie Raynard: Fashion for the Fire
This avant garde fashion event, planned for 2015 at the Broad Art Museum, is inspired by stories from sexual assault survivors. It seeks to inform others and fight against sexual assault. Proceeds benefit the Firecracker Foundation and the event includes an auction of exclusive accessories designed by MSU students.

Kalieha’ Stapleton: Let’s Make a Date
This clothing line is designed for young professionals with a limited budget who are transitioning from college apparel to corporate/business wear. It will feature clothing that is both office-appropriate as well as dinner-date ready: “This way, you don't have to have two separate wardrobes; you'll have one that can be worn whenever, where ever.”