Published: Oct. 2, 2014

MSU launches education policy blog

Contact(s): Nicole Geary Education office: (517) 355-1826, Rebecca Jacobsen Education office: (517) 353-1993, Andy Henion Media Communications office: (517) 355-3294 cell: (517) 281-6949

Scholars from the College of Education at Michigan State University have launched a new blog to share research-based insights on today's policy issues in K-12 and higher education.

The Green & Write blog provides a forum for faculty members to share perspectives, grounded in some of the best education research available, with a broader audience. The site is currently organized into four main topic areas:

  • Teacher Quality
  • Common Core and Curriculum Standards
  • Governance and Finance Issues
  • Student Accountability and Assessment

Rebecca Jacobsen, associate director of the Education Policy Center at MSU, is coordinating Green & Write, including a team of doctoral students serving as authors and editors.

As Jacobsen writes on the site, College of Education leaders believe the next generation of education scholars must become effective at communicating with policymakers, educational leaders and the public. Green & Write provides graduate students with another opportunity to become top-notch researchers with strong writing skills that can make an influence.

The Green & Write blog will include profiles of educational experts, summaries of their latest research, and comments on current education policy reform initiatives. Without a particular political slant, the commentary will present a range of perspectives and always remain grounded in research.

Rebecca Jacobsen, associate professor of teacher education

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