Published: Feb. 5, 2014

MSU experts available to discuss Farm Bill impacts

Contact(s): Layne Cameron Media Communications office: (517) 353-8819 cell: (765) 748-4827

On Feb. 7, President Barack Obama will travel to Michigan State University to sign the Farm Bill.

The following MSU experts can discuss various aspects of the legislation and its impact on Michigan’s economy. Experts include:

• David Schweikhardt, professor of agricultural, food and resource economics, is an expert in Title I, commodities; Title II, conservation; Title III, agricultural trade and food aid; and Title V, farm credit. Schweikhardt may be reached at (517) 355-2320, cell (517) 337-2459 or

• Scott Loveridge, director of MSU’s North Central Region Center for Rural Development, is an expert in Title VI and rural development. Loveridge may be reached at (517) 432-9969 or

• Karen Potter-Witter, professor of forestry, is an expert in Title VIII and forestry. Potter-Witter may be reached at (517) 353-9447, cell (517) 896-8648 or

• Ray Hammerschmidt, chair of the plant pathology department, is an expert in Title VII, research and Title X, horticulture and organic agriculture. Hammerschmidt may be reached at (517) 432-0948, cell (517) 281-4113 or

• Christopher Wolf, professor of agricultural, food and resource economics, can discuss dairy. Wolf may be reached at (517) 353-3974, cell (517) 281-3431 or

• Roy Black, professor of agricultural, food and resource economics, is an expert in Title XII, crop insurance and disaster assistance. Black may be reached at (517) 353-9649 or

• Thomas Coon, director, MSU Extension, can discuss Title XIV. Coon may be reached at (517) 355-2308, cell (517) 927-5591 or

• Doug Buhler, director of MSU AgBioResearch, can talk about specialty crops, which is part of Title VII. Buhler may be reached at (517) 355-0123 or

MSU experts are available to discuss the impacts of the Farm Bill. Courtesy of MSU

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