Published: Aug. 1, 2014

East Lansing Amtrak renovation gets underway

Renovation of the East Lansing Amtrak Station is underway and will make room for the Capital Area Multi Modal Station, operated by CATA.

“We are excited to get started,” said CATA CEO and Executive Director Sandy Draggoo. “The gateway will enhance bus, bicycle, pedestrian and rail transportation for thousands of people who travel each day through the Greater Lansing region.”

Customers will continue to use the existing Amtrak station during all phases of the project until the new gateway is completed.

Customer parking for the duration of the project will be limited to the station’s current availability of fewer than 30 spaces. The existing parking lot will remain open and operational but may be relocated as site development progresses. Other parking options around the station will be removed.

MSU will temporarily allow for overflow parking through end of day Aug. 24 in Lot 83, just east of the RHS Information Services building. After that date, customers are urged to use public transportation or arrange for someone to pick them up and drop them off at the station.