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Dec. 12, 2014

Demolition of former Grand Rapids Press building approved by Board of Trustees

Michigan State University Board of Trustees has authorized the demolition of the former Grand Rapids Press building located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, on property the university acquired in 2012.

The building to be razed is on a site of approximately 4.3 acres, positioned immediately west of the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine’s Secchia Center.

“Demolition allows MSU to build a facility that best achieves the goals inherent in biomedical research that requires high tech laboratories and allows for the site to have maximum flexibly for future development,” said Vennie Gore, MSU vice president for Auxiliary Enterprises.

The MSU administration plans to recommend to the board this winter, construction of the Grand Rapids Biomedical Research Center on a portion of this site. The remainder of the site may be divided into parcels for future development by the university and/or private developers.

The budget for this project is $3 million. Funding will be provided through the university’s general fund and tax-exempt financing with debt repayment from a variety of sources including the general fund.

Demolition is scheduled to begin in March 2015, with final completion of demolition by December 2015.

Pending approvals, the new Grand Rapids Biomedical Research Center is planned to open late 2017.

By: Geri Kelley

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