Published: Feb. 17, 2014

Darwin Discovery Day

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Feb. 9 marked the 10th anniversary of Darwin Discovery Day at the MSU Museum. This year more than 400 visitors attended the celebration of Darwin’s birthday, some even lining up outside before the doors opened at 1 p.m.

At Darwin Discovery Day, there was something for everyone. Kids could take part in a scavenger hunt or other hands-on activities. There were behind-the-scenes tours of the MSU research collections and the once-a-year opportunity to see and touch interesting specimens from the MSU Museum’s natural science collections and MSU’s Bug House. And there was even cake.

MSU Museum's naturalist, Jim Harding, the “Critterguy,” helped visitors get up close to live reptiles and amphibians. Rich Bellon, MSU Darwin scholar, worked the Darwin “KidZone,” helping kids become a junior scientist and earn a science item to take home.

MSU students also took part in the fun. MSU’s Fisheries and Wildlife Club educated guests about conservation of endangered species. The MSU Geology Club helped cub scouts earn their “geology badge” and the MSU Herpetology Club helped the Critterguy introduce snakes and turtles to a fascinated audience.

To honor the 10th anniversary of the celebration, the “10 for 10 program” has been created. Now, there’s more than 10 ways to connect with natural science in February around MSU’s campus and the Lansing area.

For more information about Darwin Discovery Day or 10 for 10, visit

Visitors participating in some of the fun activities of Darwin Discovery Day at the MSU Museum.

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