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Feb. 26, 2014

Chelsea Lucas: Finding her role

Feb. 26, 2014

Chelsea Lucas, who will be graduating in May with a double major in theatre and media and information, found her fit in costume design after her early experiences with the freshman curriculum and staff in the Department of Theatre in the College of Arts and Letters.

She explains that from day one in the program, she was exposed to mentorship from the staff. 

“When I took my first costume class, I fell in love with the costume supervisor at the time—Karen Kangas-Preston. She has been a huge influence in my life, and I can always go to her for advice.” 

Off on the right foot, Chelsea has received an increasingly individualized experience in the Department of Theatre as she moved through the higher-level curriculum.

“The further into the program I got, the smaller the classes got, so we could all form a more intimate relationship; really welcoming me into the department and opening doors into the world.”

Diverse Opportunities 

The early experience that Chelsea received both confirmed her fit in the major and provided her with opportunities within both the department and the local community.

“I’ve been involved with multiple productions here, and not exclusively with Michigan State. I’ve done work in the community as well. I am currently designing a show's costumes for Waverly High School.”

Chelsea landed an internship as a costumer designer for the local school’s production of Much Ado About Nothing after they saw the impressive portfolio of work that she has accrued at MSU.

“I came in for an interview, showed them my portfolio and they melted immediately and said, 'Okay, when can we do this?'"

Chelsea’s experiences have included involvement with several productions put on by the College of Arts and Letters Department of Theatre, the MSU Telecasters, and even an internship at Disney.

Dream Connections

After graduation, Chelsea hopes to pursue costume design by building on the experience that she’s gained and Michigan State connections she's made in the field.

“Disney has a professional internship that I have been trying to get, and we actually have alumni that work there. Hopefully, I will make a connection and get that to work out. That’s my dream for now.”

Story by Will Mianecki, video by Peter Johnston
Originally published November 2013 for the College of Arts and Letters

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