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July 23, 2014

Alyssa Cleland: Study Abroad—India Part I

Alyssa Cleland is a senior studying media and information in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.  In June, she traveled to India for a new Spartan study abroad program, “Beyond Bollywood: Taste of Indian Media,” led by Amol Pavangadkar, senior producer and outreach specialist with the Department of Media and Information.

In addition to blogging with the other students for the Beyond Bollywood blog page, Alyssa chronicled the trip using her filmmaking skills. Watch Part I of her video project above and stay tuned for Part II.


Alyssa Cleland with Indian children

Alyssa makes friends with children during a visit to the village Pastapur.


Alyssa Cleland with Indian people

Not only did the students make their own Bollywood film, but they were also all on camera for a Bollywood dance sequence in their film. 


Alyssa Cleland with two other MSU students in Indian dress

 Katie Abdilla, Alyssa Cleland, and Nolly Dakroury are all dressed up to go to a traditional Indian wedding.