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Nov. 6, 2013

Terence Gipson: Bridging the gap

Nov. 5, 2013

Bridging the Gap, Making a Difference

A typical day on the job for Terence Gipson, a junior in the College of Arts and Letters, might include analyzing data about MSU alumni, greeting top MSU donors, and attending a board meeting for the MSU Alumni Association.

Terence explains simply, “It’s my job to bridge that gap between the student population and the alumni association as a whole.”

Last year, Terence was asked by the College of Arts of Letters to sit on the alumni board as a student representative. In the past year, his role has evolved into representing the university as a whole.

“I think it’s quite interesting because I go in there every board meeting amazed at all of the board member’s accomplishments, and they’re the ones asking me questions. It’s a great experience.”

Connecting Alumni with the University

Terence not only represents students as an Alumni Board representative, he plays an important role in his position with the MSU Alumni Association.

His primary responsibility as a Prospect Moves Management Analyst for the Alumni Association is to move prospects and alumni through different phases that ultimately lead to them donating to the University.

“Because Alumni are no longer here at the University, we find ways to keep them intertwined.”

Terence transmits alumni data and formulates plans to keep them better connected with the University.

Engaging Globally

Aside from Terence’s job with the Alumni Association, he is pursuing his ultimate goal of working in public administration. Terence explains, “I’ve always been interested in international studies and affairs. The Global Studies program here gives me more of a humanistic approach to that field.”

Terence says that he knew after his first class that the Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities program was for him.

“I took one global studies class with Dr. Sandra Logan and absolutely loved it. My relationships with my professors helped me choose, not only my major, but exactly what I want to do beyond Michigan State.”

Terence will also be one of the first students to earn a minor in Arts and Cultural Management through the College of Arts and Letters. He explains that his minor allows him to study the psychology and humanitarian approach to the arts, which directly connects to his Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities major.

The experiences Terence has had over the past two years, including a spring break trip to Puebla, Mexico as part of an International Engagement program, are preparing him for a career in public administration with a unique global perspective.

Story by Kat Palczewski, MSU student

Video courtesy of MSU College of Arts and Letters