Published: Aug. 2, 2013

Students working summer internships at White House

By: Alex Barhorst Residential and Hospitality Services barhors1@rhs.msu.eduContact(s): Kristen Parker Media Communications office: (517) 353-8942 cell: (517) 980-0709

Michigan State University political science and prelaw senior Jacob Santangelo and MSU College of Law student Laura Neme are working summer internships at the White House.

Neme said it’s an exciting experience each day she walks through the White House gates.

“I am surrounded by some of the most intelligent, driven, kind and helpful people this nation has to offer, all working toward a common goal,” Neme said.

Santangelo works in the White House Office of Presidential Correspondence.

“Using skills honed in classes at MSU and various internships, I have spent the summer working with the OPC to assist President Obama in his efforts to listen, understand and respond to the American people through correspondence,” Santangelo said. “Every day, President Obama reads 10 letters from the public to hear about their issues and concerns.”

Neme works as a member of the White House Legal Interest Group. She said White house senior staff members directly interact with interns and provide insightful answers to her questions.

“I feel my leadership skills have strengthened through my role in the interest group,” Neme said. “This experience has been rewarding, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will treasure it all forever.”

The students applied for the internship through the White House website. The competitive application process included two essays, a current resume and two letters of recommendation.

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