Published: Dec. 11, 2013

Student-designed Morrill Plaza approaches completion

As the construction of Morrill Plaza nears completion, students from the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction’s landscape architecture program are witnessing their vision become reality.

A team of MSU current students and recent alumni—Doug Boyer, Ian Dippo, Anna Hauser, Hannah Sumroo and Gina DeYoung—helped design the structure during the 8th Biennial Graphic Workshop and Big Ten Design Charrette in 2011. The final design was refined by Deb Kinney of MSU’s Infrastructure Planning and Facilities.

The building’s design includes a special paving pattern modeled after the window mullions of Morrill Hall and jointing in the pavement to show where the front porch stairs once stood. It also contains some of Morrill Hall’s iconic red sandstone and red bricks.

Historic markers will be added to the two masonry walls to describe the history of the building. There also will be two plaques on the structure that will describe the Morrill Act and MSU’s land grant mission.

MSU’s president, Lou Anna K. Simon, is planning to host a dedication ceremony on MSU’s Founders’ Day, Feb. 11.

For more information, contact Paul Nieratko at (517) 353-7883 or at

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