Published: Oct. 29, 2013

School of Packaging to offer virtual design course for industry members

Contact(s): Eileen Gianiodis Agriculture and Natural Resources office: (517) 432-1555, ext. 230 cell: (517) 242-4753

The MSU School of Packaging is offering an online version of the Virtual Package Design and Prototyping course for industry members beginning Jan. 13.

The course combines online modules and hands-on experiences through the School of Packaging. An optional on-campus session will take place March 3-5 in the Ternes Outreach Center at the School of Packaging building.

The online section will be self-paced. Virtual packaging modules include text, links, illustrations and more.

Participants have the option to take the online section, the on-campus section or both. The online section requires a computer with a current browser and an internet connection. No specialized software is required.

Demonstrations of the general principles of virtual package design and prototyping will be done using Esko, CAPE systems and Adobe Software.

A detailed outline of the course can be found here.

Registration can be completed here. The registration fee for online modules only is $895, and the on-campus section only is $595. Both courses can be taken for $1,395 if registered together.

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