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Oct. 30, 2013

One-woman show coming to Wharton

With stories of bullying constantly in the news, it’s hard to ignore the topic. While “The Shape of a Girl” is fictional it’s based on the sad true story of a Canadian girl driven to the breaking point by bullies in high school.

Paige Hernandez, the star of the one- woman show, wants her audience to understand the significance of the meaning behind the play.

“The message of this play is important because it’s a very relevant topic,” Hernandez said. “It is one that we as a society should take more seriously. And it’s one that everyone can relate to, whether it’s bullying at home, or at the workplace, or at school.”

“The Shape of a Girl” comes to the Wharton Center on Nov. 15, for one day only. Tickets are available through the box office.

By: Annie McGraw

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