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Dec. 2, 2013

MSU student group sends medical supplies to typhoon victims

Medical supplies valued at more than $100,000 were gathered and sent to victims of Typhoon Haiyan last week through a joint effort between MSU student group Generate Help 2 Heal Generations and the university’s Institute of International Health. Five pallets of boxes filled with items such as surgical equipment, gowns, syringes and medication were sent to hospitals and community clinics in the Philippines to help care for those in need.

“The consequences of this storm have been utterly devastating,” said Reza Nassiri, director of the Institute of International Health and associate dean for global health at MSU. “We hope this donation coordinated through the dedication of GH2HG will help make a difference in the lives of those who desperately need it.”

Both organizations work to be responsive to international events such as natural disasters. With IIH’s ability to connect and leverage MSU’s medical and health resources and GH2HG’s work to obtain donations of unused medications and medical supplies from hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies, both share a goal to promote global health initiatives for poorer communities across the world.