Published: July 2, 2013

MSU scholar wins minority medical student award

By: Alex Barhorst Residential and Hospitality Services barhors1@rhs.msu.eduContact(s): Andy McGlashen Media Communications office: (517) 355-2281

MSU College of Human Medicine student Sophia Harvey was selected for the American Society of Hematology’s 2013 Minority Medical Student Award Program.

The program encourages minority medical students to pursue research in hematology, the study of blood and blood diseases.

“The College of Human Medicine’s innovative curriculum is designed to prepare us to become intellectual thinkers and focus on patients as people of our community,” Harvey said. “I am fortunate to be a part of a program that encourages this idea and I am grateful for the opportunity.”

Harvey will be paired with a mentor, Michael Caligiuri, for an eight- to 12-week research program.

Caligiuri is CEO at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute at The Ohio State University.

“To work with an individual such as Dr. Caligiuri, who is such a well-respected and humble and extremely driven physician-scientist, is a true blessing,” Harvey said.

Harvey plans to research killer cell development in acute myeloid leukemia. She recently completed her first year of medical school.

She is interested in the fields of emergency medicine, pediatrics and internal medicine.

In the upcoming school year, Harvey will serve as treasurer for the Student National Medical Association.

She also plans to volunteer at the MSU Friendship Clinic, an organization that assists the medically underserved.

MSU College of Human Medicine student Sophia Harvey. Courtesy photo

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