Published: Sept. 13, 2013

MSU enrollment expected to top 49,300

Contact(s): Tom Oswald Communications and Brand Strategy

Enrollment at Michigan State University for the 2013-14 academic year is expected to be about 49,300 students, a record number that reflects the continued demand for the high-quality programs offered at MSU.

The preliminary figures were presented to the MSU Board of Trustees at its Sept. 13 meeting.

Last year’s official enrollment was 48,906.

According to the preliminary numbers, MSU remains a popular university choice for high school graduates. This year the university received more than 31,000 applications. The first-time class is around 7,845 students, which is consistent with fall 2013 planning.

The total entering class, including transfers, is expected to be around 9,405 students, 74 percent of which are Michigan residents.

Other preliminary enrollment statistics:

Total undergraduate enrollment is expected to be about 38,000, of which 79 percent are from Michigan.

The distribution of students by level is stable. In addition to the 38,000 undergraduates, there will be around 8,800 graduate students and 2,500 graduate professional students.

The average grade point average of the entering class is expected to be approximately 3.6, while the average ACT scores will be around 25.5. Both are within the range of prior years.

This year’s undergraduate entering class is expected to include approximately 1,505 students of color, or about 23 percent of the domestic total.

It is anticipated that the College of Social Science, the Broad College of Business and the College of Natural Science will have the largest enrollments as of the official enrollment count date.

The official count of enrolled students will occur on Sept. 23, one-quarter of the way through the fall semester.