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Aug. 15, 2013

MSU Bikes opens new bike parking facilities

MSU Bikes is installing bike garages in the parking ramps on Trowbridge Road and Grand River Avenue.

The bike garages are fenced spaces on the ground level that provide protection from theft and weather damage. Access is controlled by the university’s card sensor technology seen in buildings across campus.

The caged walls, as opposed to solid walls, provide a safe level of visibility inside and outside the structure.

An air pump like the one at the MSU Bikes Service Center will also be provided at garages.

The bike garage in the Grand River Avenue ramp can hold up to 50 bikes, while the one in the Trowbridge Road ramp has space for 23. Annual and semester-long memberships are available for both facilities.

Access to the two garages will be free to authorized users for the remainder of the summer semester.

 To take advantage of the free trial period for the remainder of August, visit the MSU Bikes Service Center and fill out the bike garage membership application.

To learn more about the new bike storage spaces, visit one of the two open houses scheduled for Aug. 15 and 16 between noon and 1 p.m.