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Aug. 27, 2013

MSU assistant provost named 2013 Sloan-C Fellow

Christine Geith, Michigan State University assistant provost and executive director of MSUglobal, is one of six scholars named a 2013 Sloan-C Fellow by the Sloan Consortium.

Geith was recognized “for outstanding leadership in promoting a wide array of technologies and policies needed to advance global online education,” according to the Sloan Consortium.

The Sloan-C distinction is bestowed upon Sloan Consortium members who have outstanding and extraordinary qualifications in the field of online learning; significant experience in online learning or an allied field; a record of distinguished service to the Sloan Consortium or to the field of online learning; and extraordinary contributions or leadership in the field of online learning.

“It is an honor to be chosen as a Sloan-C Fellow,” Geith said. “The opportunity to be involved with an organization as innovative as the Sloan Consortium and learn from and work with many talented members from universities all over the world allows me to bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to my work at Michigan State University.”

The Sloan Consortium is an online learning society committed to delivering quality e-learning solutions into mainstream education. The organization helps make e-education accessible to institutions, individuals, professional societies and corporate entities.

Geith has been a member of the Sloan Consortium since before it became a consortium – when it was a grantees meeting for the Asynchronous Learning initiative of the Sloan Foundation in the early 1990s.

She leads MSUglobal, an innovation and strategy hub in the Office of the Provost, which assists faculty in creating, facilitating and implementing impactful projects that lead to new research and funding opportunities and enhance the reputation of the university community.

Geith has been pioneering new approaches in higher education for more than 20 years using educational technology, online learning and entrepreneurial approaches.

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By: Tom Oswald