Published: March 15, 2013

Med students celebrate Match Day

Contact(s): Andy McGlashen Media Communications office: (517) 355-2281

Hearts pounded today as envelopes were handed out at the University Club, where fourth-year medical students from Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine gathered with loved ones for one of the biggest milestones in their education: Match Day.

Thousands of medical students across the country opened those envelopes at noon today and learned where they’d spend the next three to seven years continuing their education as residents. Among them were 137 students at the College of Human Medicine’s seven campuses across Michigan.

“There’s a lot of anxiety up until the match,” said Adam Hutchinson, just after learning he and his wife, Elisa, will pack up their three kids and head to Southern California, where he will be a resident in pediatrics at Loma Linda Medical Center. “It’s really kind of a toss-up where you’ll wind up.”

Hutchinson was pleased with his placement, especially since Elisa grew up not far from the hospital.

“We’re excited to know where we’re going and move on to this next step,” he said.

Other students will stay closer to MSU.

Katie Rose Flannery beamed after her envelope revealed she was matched with her first pick, the emergency department at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

She won’t be far from Todd McHerron, who will continue his education in family medicine at St. Mary Mercy in Livonia.

Like Flannery, McHerron was all smiles. He was born in Chicago, but said he grew up in Michigan and has family here.

“I wanted to stay in Michigan,” he said, “so I’m happy about that.”

MSU medical student Katie Rose Flannery celebrates with her husband, Tim, after finding out she'll spend her residency at Henry Ford Hospital, her first choice. Photo by G.L. Kohuth.