Published: Dec. 20, 2013

Holiday tips from MSU Extension

From stress and responsible gift giving to healthy food choices at parties and the grocery store, MSU Extension has advice on a range of topics to help you tackle holiday challenges.

Holidays are meant to be a time of relaxation, but the planning that goes into them can cause stress as well. Tips for managing seasonal stress can be found here.

Many young people will receive gifts of smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices for Christmas, and their parents have the responsibility to make sure they are safely used. Tips on teaching healthy online behaviors can be found here.

Temptation will be abundant with treats scattered around holiday parties. Tips to curb your appetite ant the appetite of your guests at parties can be found here.

Holiday planners will be grabbing on-the-go meals this holiday season, and the local grocery store might be the best place to head for them. Tips on choosing healthier "buy and make" meals rather than fast food meals can be found here.